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The series focuses on “everything you want to learn before you kick the bucket.” The name is meant to evoke the wish that many people have to learn more about things they may or may not have learned about earlier, from physics to history to music. The Bucket Courses seek to provide college-level courses in a variety of fields.
The CEC is a collaboration among a number of educational institutions in Grinnell focused on providing community education. “The mission of the Community Education Council is to coordinate community education in the Grinnell community. The council is comprised of, but not limited to, representatives of Grinnell College, Grinnell Regional Medical Center, Grinnell Newburg Community Schools, Iowa Valley Community College, Mayflower Community, Grinnell Area Art Council, and Drake Community Library. These principals assist each other in their respective community education endeavors and combine their resources to present educational opportunities not otherwise available to the community.”
The Bucket Course program is one of several of the Community Education Council’s projects. The Bucket Courses are self-supporting.
The Courses are held from 10-11:30 pm on each Wednesday morning during two semester-like terms. The fall term begins in September and ends in November or December; the spring term begins in January and ends in May. The classes are held in the Caulkins Community Room of the Drake Community Library, Grinnell, Iowa.
The Bucket Courses began in 2009.
The presenters are awarded a certificate of thanks and a donation is made in their honor to the Art Heimann/Joanne Bunge Book Fund at Drake Community Library. Presenters receive no monetary compensation.

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